About Us

About Tuffgig Music

Tuffgig Music Empire is one of Africa’s Leading Entertainment companies. Founded in 2004 as a Production, promotion and management company, and in 2016 expanded to a Record Label by legendary Music Producer Hardy O Jimbaz. Tuffgig, records and produces remarkable Artists such as Belliyah, icesleek and more.

Tuffgig Music empire covers a wide range of music genres (like Rap, RnB, Afro beat, etcetera.) with Artists such as Belliyah, icesleek and more.

As the world develops at neck-break speeds the way things are done is constantly being modified, hence, Tuffgig’s taste for producing the best has inspired the company into innovative services such as content creation, media relations, crisis management, influencer engagement and marketing

Today, with a top-quality recording studio and a team enthusiastic to work, Tuffgig is a community of amazing people dedicated to creativity, innovation and breaking new frontiers

TuffMedia, which is part of the Tuffgig Music Empire, is dedicated to handling media coverages, live interviews and more, with Artists, politicians and other prominent individuals in its TuffView and TuffClassic branches

Our Vision

We aim to become the world’s leading Tech and digital-driven public and social relations agency as we build on maintaining a close relationship and service with our staffs, friends and business partners in the media and in the public, and in ensuring the desired expectations and dreams of our clients and consumer are achieved, which in turn is expected to build a befitting and strong profile presence for the company and good yields to our investors, we stand in keeping and maintaining our integrity.

Our Mission

With an aim to revolutionize Music and Entertainment, we are dedicated to bringing unmatched quality, creativity and diversity to Africa and the World, by both seeking and nurturing Novelty and Talents; with hard work and honesty being our emblem